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Wellington Music Academy

branding + website

For this music school logo, I was hell-bent on finding a cool way to combine a stylized WM monogram with sound waves or some kind of visual reference to sound or music—the treble clef treatment was industry kitsch to me, plus I had no good ideas for making it fresh. So I sketched, and sketched, and sketched....and sketched, (and sketched) until I finally arrived at a mark that worked. Thankfully, the client was patient, understanding, and married to me.

For a time, my husband, Joe, was considering putting his musical mastery to work in the form of a lesson studio that would run from our home. While he ultimately decided that the full-blown business was not the right fit, I had already developed a logo, a loose brand direction, and a temporary website. If he ever changes his mind, I'll be ready.

This is not the only brand I've developed for a business that Joe and I have thought up and then ultimately set aside for the future (or the never). Check out another almost-business here.