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Boutique graphic design services


Loud River Creative offers four main types of design services, each detailed below. Every project is approached with thoughtful, experienced design, and never loses sight of the ultimate goal: seeing a client made happy.


Logos + Branding

Loud River Creative was born of a love for logo design, and I would love to help you create a unique and professional visual brand for your business. Whether you're just dipping your toes in with a simple logo or you're ready to build an entire visual brand from the ground up, I can help you get there.


1 | questions

At the beginning of our project, I will send you a brief questionnaire to fill out. This will cover questions about you business, the goals you have for your business, your likes and dislikes, and a few other details to help me understand your unique situation. Based on your answers to these questions, I'll do a bit of research on your industry and competition and will come up with ideas for where you should fit in, and opportunities for you to stand out.

2 | mood

Next, we would collaborate to create a brand moodboard—a collection of color and imagery that you feel sets the right mood for your desired brand. Are you going for something neutral + professional? Bright + spunky? Clever + colorful? The moodboard sets tone at a glance and informs the stylistic choices I will make with your design. 

3 | concepts + refinement

Once the mood is set, I will take my beloved pencil somewhere quiet and sketch as many logo ideas as I possibly can. Once I've culled from my sketches, the top few ideas are taken into the computer and turned into digital concepts. You will then select your favorite concept, we will discuss any refinements you'd like to see, and I will finalize your primary logo, as well as create some alternates and variations.

4 | building the brand

When we've arrived at a final logo design, it will become the platform on which we will build the rest of your brand. Remember your initial brand input and your moodboard, I will work with you to define a color palette, determine font pairings, and find or create appropriate complementary visuals (like icons, patterns, or stock photography). I will put all of this visual information into a sort of visual summary of your brand, which I call your Brand Glance. It needs a better name, for sure. This document will serve as a quick reference for you to see how all the new pieces we've created fit together to form your brand.

application + extras

My involvement doesn't have to stop at your brand creation. If and when you're ready, I will help you to apply your new brand to any additional materials you may need, like business cards, packaging, brochures, a website, social media banners, email signatures, etc. Got some ideas for branded extras that I haven't covered here? There's a good chance I can help you create what you want, just send me a note so we can talk about your ideas.

cherry picking

If your needs are more focused, your time or budget is limited, or you just prefer to take things one step at a time, this process can be tweaked and catered to your needs. Cherry-pick the pieces you want and skip the bits you don't. I'm happy to be flexible. Get in touch and we can figure out the best approach.


Print + Web Design

Having worked extensively in both digital and print production design, I'm happy to offer print and web design services to my clients. Print design varies widely in what you can make and how you can make it, but chances are if it gets spit out of a printer,  I can design it for you. Web-wise, I design and build sites using the Squarespace platform, which enables me to provide full-service web design without relying on sub-contractors.


print design

Print projects almost always come with their own unique challenges, and I very much enjoy working through these challenges to get my clients a product that they're thrilled with. I've helped clients by creating everything from flyers, brochures, or post cards to packaging and T-shirts. Since print projects are so unique, I typically provide a custom quote on a per-project basis. If you're not sure exactly what kind of products you need, I am more than happy to help you decide what best meets your needs, and to help find local vendors to provide your final physical products.

web design

When it comes to web design, I work exclusively with the Squarespace platform. Any site that I design and build (including the one you're looking at now), is built with Squarespace. It gives me a finer degree of control over the final outcome, it mitigates the cost of sub-contracting a developer to build out a site I've designed, and it's a fairly user-friendly interface, which is great for clients who want the option of managing their own web content. They also offer tons of useful integrations, like e-commerce and a blogging platform, allowing me to build in far more complex functionality than I would be able to offer otherwise. And as a Squarespace Circle Member, I can extend a discount of 20% off the first year of Website or Online Store annual plans to all of my clients. Not bad, right?


Wedding + Event Stationery

When I got engaged, it was the obvious choice to design my own wedding invitations. If only it had ended there. What started as an invitation quickly became an invitation suite, then matching thank you cards, then I might as well make a little book for our vows, then I guess I'll teach myself pointed pen calligraphy and hand-address all of the invitation envelopes, then oh-my-god I should totally make cute signs for the get the idea. I DIYed the shit out of our wedding, and stumbled into a niche that I've had loads of fun with.


Following our wedding, I started taking on invitation design requests from friends of friends, and after striking up an entrepreneurial friendship with our wedding photographer, I ended up producing stationery suites for several styled shoots. These types of stationery suites BEG for hand crafted details, which allows me to pour my artistic spirit into someone else's big day. Hand-painted watercolor accents, illustrated details, custom hand-lettering—there is so much room for fun experimentation, and I love me some experiments. The style, number, and combination of pieces is entirely up to you, but a typical wedding stationery suite might look something like this: save the date, invitation, RSVP cards, info card, menu, table place cards, and small signage. If you're a bride planning a wedding, a hostess planning a party, or a photographer planning a styled shoot, I would love to help bring your vision to life through a custom designed stationery suite. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your inquiry, as I'm already getting pretty excited about your event.


Contract Design

Prior to starting Loud River Creative, I worked as a Senior Designer for a mid-sized digital marketing agency. During my 6 years as an agency designer, I worked on projects for many well-known brands, including those you see below. In addition to the boutique design services I offer through Loud River Creative, I am always open to contract design opportunities.


I owe most of my current skillset to the experience I gained as an agency designer. I loved working with talented people, learning from my creative mentors, and meeting the design challenges of working with household-name clients. Even though I made the leap to pursue a freelance career, I have happily continued to pepper in contract design work with outside design studios and marketing agencies. Since my previous agency's NDAs prevent me from publicly displaying client work, I've created a separate portfolio of work from my agency days, which is accessible through the link below. If you have a contract opportunity you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Timing + Pricing

"So, how much does it cost and how fast can you deliver?"  Good question. Short answer: It varies...a lot. Generally, I'm able to work with clients to come up with a plan that suits both my availability and their time & budget constraints. The best way to figure out how much your project will cost, or how quickly it can be done, is to ask. Don't be shy. If you want to work with me, I probably want to work with you too. Let's figure out a way to make it happen, shall we?


Graphic design is very much a get-what-you-pay-for business. Great design takes time and skill, both of which designers tend to enjoy being paid for. There is a lot more going on behind the curtain than mouse clicks and pixel pushing. Even seemingly simple designs are almost always the product of MANY rounds of iteration and simplification. Have you ever tried to de-clutter your kitchen and realized that the only way to achieve a clear countertop without selling all your shit is to become a master of cabinet organization? Same idea. The clean countertop is often deceiving—the real work is done behind the cabinet doors.

in general

Logos | Plan for a 1-3 week timeline; expect to spend between $600 - $1200

Logo + Branding | Plan for a 2-4 week timeline; expect to spend between $800 - $1400

Print Design | These vary so wildly that I'm not even comfortable generalizing; each project is custom quoted

Web Design | Plan for a 4-6 week timeline; expect to spend between $1500 - $4000

Event Stationery | Plan for a 2-4 week timeline; expect to spend between $300 - $1500



Logos + Branding
If you're looking to create new logo, refresh an existing logo, build a complete branded visual system, or create branded collateral like business cards + stationery, I've got you covered. We can decide together what mix of pieces will best suit your goals, time, and budget. I will work hard, you will be happy.

Print + Web Design
Do you need help designing your next brochure, package, business card, poster, mailer, flyer, sticker, etc.? I got you

Do you need a professional website for your small business? I got you. 

Wedding + Event Stationery
For the hostess who wants even more mostess, I offer custom wedding and event stationery design. Invitations, announcements, table place cards, thank you cards, signage, menus, you name it. I'm fluent in Pinterest and cuteness. 

Contract Design
I was an agency designer for a number of years, and I got pretty damn good at it. I'm available for part-time and project-based contract work. You can see my agency portfolio here.