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Boutique graphic design services

Meet Carolyn

what i do

Hello! I'm Carolyn Haines and Loud River Creative is my boutique, one-woman design studio. I specialize in logo & branding work for small businesses, web design through Squarespace, print design of all varieties, and custom wedding & event stationery. I believe in clean thoughtful design, white space, hand crafted details, and the power of always starting with a pencil. 

For details about my design process, or for information about working with me, check out the Services page.


why i do it

I started Loud River Creative after working as an agency designer for 6 years. Burnout is not uncommon in the world of agency designers, and I was no exception. Longing to reconnect with my deeper creative bits, I left my steady job to pursue a freelance career. All the stories I'd heard were true—it was not easy, and for all my planning, things did not go as planned. Over the course of the first year, however, I began to understand how this was a necessary part of the process. I was forced to let go of some rigid ideas that were not helping me at all, and in letting go, I stumbled across the freedom I didn't know I was looking for—a freedom that meant my job did not define my being, and allowed me to separate Carolyn-the-Business from Carolyn-the-Artist. There was space for both.

After a solid year of growth and struggle, I found a wellspring of inspiration and motivation, and a renewed love for being a designer. I'm now at my happiest when sketching logo concepts or taking breaks to do illustration work. I love hearing that a client is ecstatic about their new brand or logo, and it warms my little body to do the work. With my comfort zone firmly in the rearview, every day is an opportunity to make something new and become something new. Nobody likes being uncomfortable. But nobody has ever grown in any meaningful way by staying in their comfort zone. True story.



fun facts

I'm shorter in person.
I've never had a cup of coffee—tea all the way.
I like to swear. Fuck.
I will laugh at butt jokes till the day I die.
I weep every time I watch Homeward Bound. 
I am a lover and killer of houseplants.
My dog and cat are two of my favorite people.
I'm in an acoustic duo with my husband, Joe. 
"Loud River" is the rough translation of my German family name, Lauttenbach.