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Meet Carolyn

what i do

Hello! I'm Carolyn Haines and Loud River Creative is my boutique, just-for-fun, on-the-side design studio. By day, I work as a Product Designer for PivotaI Labs. (Think UX, UI, and all the other acronyms designers can nestle into nowadays). By night…well, I usually read books and watch old Star Treks with my husband and doggo…but will sometimes spend the evenings doing cool design work for cool small businesses.

fun facts

I'm shorter in person.
I've never had a cup of coffee—tea all the way.
I like to swear. Fuck.
I will laugh at butt jokes till the day I die.
I weep every time I watch Homeward Bound. 
I am a lover of houseplants.
My dog and cat are two of my favorite people.
I'm in an acoustic duo with my husband, Joe. 
"Loud River" is the rough translation of my German family name, Lauttenbach.